We support you, in a long-term perspective, in the production and use of your financial information. The mission of the statutory auditor is to certify the annual accounts and to reformulate an objective opinion on the regularity and fairness of the accounts. Beyond the simple control of the accounts, the certification of the financial information serves to develop the trust of the financial partners, the customers, but also the suppliers.
  • Audit of balance sheets,
  • Audit of agreed procedures,
  • Audit of projects
Our approach
  • Assert that the financial information provided by the company complies with the regulations
  • Write any report required by the Commercial Code
  • Bring to the attention of the managers and shareholders any material fact likely to have an impact on the company
  • Payroll audit

Anticipate your work control. Benefit from expert advice and a proven payroll audit approach to secure your payroll practices and wait for the Labor Inspection with complete peace of mind.

Your questions
  • Are your pay in line with legislation and social obligations?
  • Is your payroll system secure enough?
  • Are you up to date in paying your social security contributions?
  • How to optimize your payroll taxes?
  • I got a check-up, am I ready?
  • How to avoid or limit a remedy in the event of inspection by the labor Inspection?Comment éviter ou limiter un redressement en cas de contrôle par l’inspection du travail ?
Our approach
Current situation Analysis
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company in its payroll process
  • Verify your payroll compliance with the legislation (pay slips, social declarations ...)
Submission of a report with recommended corrective actions

EXPERT-ADVISOR gives you back a well-explained summary of the current situation. Each point is explained for a better understanding of the observed anomalies. Our experts then issue recommendations on the solutions to be made.

Suggest solutions to correct the anomalies observed
  • Help with setting up your payroll application;
  • Anticipating regulatory and social changes through the implementation of a social watch;
  • Improve your social functioning and payroll practices.
comment réaliser un bon audit de paie?
Good Reasons to Conduct a Payroll Audit

Securing its payroll and payroll process, knowing the company's social risks, anticipating possible regulatory and social changes, preventing redress during administrative checks, rectifying and recovering overpayments by collecting organizations pay

  • The acquisition audit
  • Contractual audit
  • The information system audit .
The audit must therefore be carried out rigorously and in an ethical framework in order to:
  • Taking into account the entity's issues (strategy, financial situation, etc.)
  • Know the whole organization of the company, with its control processes
  • Analyze in a pragmatic way and structure the risks of the company
  • Regularly communicate with the privileged interlocutors of the company and the governance