Transferring your business

At any time you may be required to assign / transfer your business: new opportunity, retirement, difficulties, change of personal life. : Business transfer is a complex operation. Our accountants and auditors will help you ask yourself the right questions and prepare the transfer conditions. Their mastery of all the stages of the lifecycle of the company and their listening together with the multidisciplinary competences of EXPERT-ADVISOR, will allow you to optimize your project as best as possible.

EXPERT-ADVISOR helps you at every stage when transferring your company
  • Goals definition
  • Make a diagnosis of the company, taking into account all psychological, human, economic, tax and legal aspects.
  • Assess the company and set a price
  • Establish an action plan to make the business transferable
  • Preparing the after transmission
Héritage d'une entreprise
For a successful transfer, one must give oneself think time and a real approach must be taken.