When talking of the taxation, EXPERT-ADVISOR offers you its following services:

  • We do a checking of our client tax record,
  • We identify the risks associated with reporting obligations and bring them into line with current legislation;
  • We quantify these risks in order to prevent a possible tax audit.
  • We assist our clients in regularizing their tax records
  • We keep track of all monthly tax returns such as VAT, IPR, INSS, INPP and ONEM
  • We also track all parafiscal declarations of various taxes related to the sector in which your company is located.
  • We ensure the defense of files of our client in front of the tax administration as well as other services of the state (Economy, Environment, DGRAD, Labor Inspection etc ...)
administration des impôts ainsi que des autres services de l'état

The EXPERT-ADVISOR network also allows us to intervene professionally and technically in an international context.